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Welcome to my blog, Kerri The Book Belle!

My name is Kerri and yes, I am a southern belle, born-and-bred.

I’m a twenty-something, originally from Charlotte, NC. I graduated from Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC in May 2017 with a BA in Communication and Spanish. Currently, I’m working as an editorial assistant in scholarly publishing, meaning I understand nothing of what I edit. In my free time, I like to – you guessed it – read! I read YA, adult, nonfiction, the whole nine yards.

My passion in literature is mainly diversity. As a white, cishet woman you may be asking yourself, “why would you care?” And to that I say that I am in a position to use my privilege to lift those who have been consistently knocked down by the world. And that includes the world of literature (Also, I identify on the asexuality spectrum, but I am heteroromantic, so that’s why I refer to myself as cishet).

We all know how important stories were to us growing up, and it’s been proven time and time again that people who see themselves positively represented in popular media believe that they can succeed in whatever they choose to do. While diversity seemed to be a “trend” in literature for a while, the popularity of those works has ensured that the industry is slowly but surely making sure that diversity is the standard, not the exception. As someone with a voice to thousands of people across multiple platforms, I believe it is my duty to help lift those marginalized voices so that their stories may be heard and inspire those around the world.

Thank you for visiting the blog. You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, where I am always talking books and life. Please feel free to contact me at kerrithebookbelle@gmail.com if you have any questions or inquiries.

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