Top Ten Tuesday: Audio Freebies!

Honestly I’m so excited for todays TTT, because I get to talk about one of my favorite things: PODCASTS!

Probably my favorite podcast ever! Basically this guy found out his 60 year old dad wrote an erotica novel and reads it aloud with his friends (it’s horrendous writing so the humor in the podcast is 11/10)

My favorite true crime podcast, for sure! Alaina is an autopsy technician and Ash is a hair stylist, so their takes on different stories are so fun.

An sci fi audio drama that’s basically scrubs in space. It’s amazing and recently came back for its third season so you’ve got plenty to catch up on!

If the X-Men went to therapy, you’d have The Bright Sessions. It’s a completed audio drama with an upcoming book, TV show and more, so catch up while you can still claim you were an OG fan!

Y’all KNOW my women’s college graduate ass was gonna put in something feminist. This podcast features two friends telling some kind of fairy tale/folklore story and then dissecting it from a modern feminist lens.

Probably one of the most popular podcasts around, it features two best friends. Christine tells a true crime story and Em tells a ghost story. They’re amazing and hilarious, you need to check them out!

This show covers crimes in small towns across the globe. They’re super lesser known crimes that you won’t find on any other crime podcast.

Lore takes a look at the history of things that scare us. Everything from vampires to local legends, this is the best way to track the origins of tons of creepy shit.

A fantastic paranormal audio drama that starts off chill but then has the shit hitting the fan so hard, y’all are gonna love it.

One of the original audio dramas that brought the genre into its current state of flourish. Creepy and well written, the ending kinda sucks but we’ll ignore that.

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3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Audio Freebies!

  1. I completely​ agree with you about Black Tapes. It started out so strong and sorta fizzled near the end; still though, an enjoyable journey.


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