The Foolproof Trick to Beating a Reading Slump

Nope, not clickbait, y'all. I've discovered recently that there is one genre that is guaranteed to break a slump. And I've had this confirmed by multiple friends on Book Twitter, too! This trick is guaranteed to, if not completely break your slump, at least help you get closer to that reading goal while in a … Continue reading The Foolproof Trick to Beating a Reading Slump


Discussion: I Love Trash (Books)

'Trash' has evolved as a colloquial term to mean a number of things. "I'm Marissa Meyer trash" "This song is trash" "We stan trash" Trash can be used to describe a state of being, as an adjective and with a positive or negative connotation. Today, I'd like to talk about the Book Trash. Namely, the … Continue reading Discussion: I Love Trash (Books)